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Art dump 012411

Monday art dump.... one day early! Go me! I've also decided to make these posts public for now. Yup.

Start of a commission for rainbow_punk. It's her DnD character/NPC Welv'rath! Its gonna be fantastic when it's done!

Sketch of a Christmas/Secret Santa present I did for nightshot2. It's he DnD character Calitsa... as a Gargoyle. Last year I uhh... started pictures of everyone's CoI characters as 'goyles, so I decided to continue with the tradition this year. I decided to give garg!Calista a beak because one, Brooklyn is Corinne's favourite of the Manhattan Clan, and two, being a tiefling Calista is already pretty gargoyle-y, so I had to give her something to stand out. She looks pretty awesome in the finished product. Corinne if you're reading this can you scan it for me? THANK-YOU <333

My zelda character for supertablebunny and co.'s Zelda RP. Olumia, or just Lumie. She's the daughter of a noble family in Hyrule and is very close to the royals there. VERY CLOSE :| I drew this to mirror a piece that Messa did of her character Zeru who's a princess and...

... I told you she was close to the royals! Yeah, Lumie is Zeru's girlfriend thing. It's.... all awkward and cute and adorable and girly. So here they are. I actually drew this back in... October? For National Coming Out Day/Spirit Day. IT'S CUTE.

Ellurielle! Inspired by the song To The Sky by Owl City. It's such an Ellurielle song. This one's gonna be gorgeous when it's done too!! Thanks to Messa for helping me with it! Especially that hand... you do NOT wanna see what it looked like before she came in to save me... lol!!

WHITE DUSK!! Here she is, ladies, the woman who's coming to kill us all. She's actually my Kingdom Hearts character Axayun rehashed for the Killjoys!vesre. She's one of BL/ind's elite /S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ unit. An she's got a big gun called the"actus Dei". Oh yeah.

And last we have Offdensen looking fantastic as always!

That's it for now, I'll post art again next monday!
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