Megzie the Invincible (megoomba) wrote,
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Name help!

Okay so... FList, I need yor artistic input... AGAIN.

I've got a character who is sort of a... "reincarnation" of the Greek goddess Persephone. I'm playing her from the "Queen of Death" angle rather than the "Goddess of Spring" angle, but I need to think of a name for her. Here's the list of possibilities I've come up with:

Adrienne (Latin, "Dark)
Lilith (Assyrian, "Of the Night")
Lucine (Latin, "Light")
Lucrezia (Latin, "To gain/succeed")
Ophelia (Greek, "To help/aid")
Morana (Slavic, "Goddess of Dead and Winter")
Morwenna (Welsh, "Maiden")
Valdis (Scandinavian, "Goddess of the Dead")

So far I'm leaning toward either "Ophelia" because it's greek, I like the phonetics and because of the Shakespearean suicide/death related bit. Or Lucrezia because I like names that have the "lu" sound in them buuuuut I have so MANY names that have/start with "lu" (Lua'ryne, Luciano, Ellurielle...). I would go with Adrienne, but I already have a character with that name (albeit in a completely different universe). The same way I already have a character named "Val" so I dunno about "Valdis" but...

OKAY FORGET ALL THAT. Any input on what I should name her...?
Tags: art, help help!
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