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Anime Milwaukee... eh.

So.... Anime Milwaukee

+ Close to Madison
+ Reasonably priced. My expenses not including art materials and food ended up being about $100
+ Getting to sell art there. THANKS, DIZZY ILU <333
+ Convenient parking. They comped us artists.
+ Getting to hang out with the Twins and Dizzy all weekend.
+ Getting a proper japanese name. I am Kyouhime which means "woman/princes/maiden/woman of might", generally the same thing Meaghan means.
+ Watching Soul Eater. I LOVE BLACK STAR!!! He's my favourite since everyone loves Soul and Maka and Kid (who I also love) BUT BLACK STAR NEEDS SOME MORE LOVING TOO. HE IS AMAZING.
+ Profitable. I broke even by the middle of Saturday and made quite a nice profit which I will be putting right back into more materials lol!
+ Having awesome neighbors in AA.
+ Lots of swag, incluing a beautiful commission of Ellurielle and Nero. Speaking of which...
+ Nero's epic eyebrows.
+ Going home to see my kitties who neither died nor destroyed anything.

- Cristin not being able to come.
- Not being able to get a table.
- When Dizzy said I could table with her, the AA chair aparently gave her a hard time about it.
- Ridiculousness in the contract that (thank-goodness) wasn't even enforced.
- Hotel far away from the actual con.
- No bar at the hotel.... *SOB*
- No INTERNET at the hotel either. WHAT KIND OF A PLACE IS THIS?
- No staff to be found. ANYWHERE to tell us when the damn AA closed, which was byt the way not printed in the panflet.... that should be it's own.
- Nothing of use printed in the con panfelt. At least not to us artists.
- Oh, and the one staffer I did find seemed very annoyed that I was asking her a question because I was BLEEDING and needed to find a bandaid. I think it was the AA chair...
- The convention being very unhelpful with Dizzy's gluten intolerance. Their solution was for her to cease being gluten intolerant. At first anyway. They did give us an extra parking pass so Twins could go get her food.
- Weird demographic. Lost of high school and middle schoolers and lots of middle aged people. More than usual anyway. I had to tell a few of them off. You don't insult the art right in front of the artist. I don't take that shit no more.
- Not selling ANYTHING the first day. I seriously made TWO SALES on Friday and that's it. It didn't stay that way but AUGH talk about discouraging.
- Dizzy's sign getting written on. Dizzy left a sign on her table when she left Saturday night to let people know she was going to be gone early on Sunday and that whoever had made off with her pencil sharpener SHE WANTED IT BACK. We came to the table the next day and it had been very crudely rewritten on the back with lots of swear words and general vulgarity. Not cool. Not cool AT ALL.
- The con was at a public building and not a hotel so anyone could just stroll right though. See above.
- Daylight Savings Time. Seriously who the hell thought this would be a good weekend for a con?
- Coming home to an empty apartment...

So yeah... I don't think I'll be going back. Dizzy's already decided she doesn't want to go back. Not as an artist any way. And seeing as that's the only way I can GO to conventions then I don't think I'll be back at all. They showed very little respect for the artists when things weren't going well. Like asking Dizzy if her "gluten alergy was serious or was something they could work around" was ridiculously insulting. And then they suggested a sub shop. Riiiiiiight. Do you idiots even know what a gluten intolerance is? IT MEANS SHE CAN'T EAT BREAD. So you offering her a sub shop is like offering a steak house to a vegitarian... I did do very well as far as sales go but the whole con felt awkward to me so.... I dunno. I don't think I'll be back next year. But we'll see.

Since I did do so well, however, I got to BUY THINGS!! So for the first time in YEARS I have CON SWAG!!!!

o New wallet! I've been needing a new one for YEARS seriously. So I got a cute little Azumanga Daioh one! It's even got a change purse in it! HOORAY!!
o Like I said before, a beautiful commission of Ellurielle and Nero from Kiki aka Atomic-Clover on dA. It was, as she put it, the first het couple she had gotten to draw in forever!
o Black Lady figure. Sailor Moon seems to be making a comeback! No complaints here!
o Green star charm.... which the green star fell off of.... damn.
o A bookmark with Kratos on one side and Zelos on the other side.
o An Ouran Zodiac bookmark. Renge as Capricorn! SO FITTING!
o A pretty feathered hair piece. It's BEAUTIFUL. It has black feathers and blue feathers and one long peacock feather and a blue butterfly on it~ I'm saying it's ~ELLURIELLE'S~ hairpiece

I also got some presents for Cristin and a Maka plushie for the Twins becuase they were nothing but ANGELS this weekend helping me with my table and watching it while I went to stretch my legs and helping my cut out shrinkies and helping me put up big prints!

So.... I'm getting to the point in my sales that I can look into going to more conventions besides just Anime Central. Here's my con list again!

- Anime Milkwaukee
- Anime Central
- Nakamacon
- CONvergence (?)
- Anime Iowa (?)
- Geek.kon
- Daishocon

The only changes from before are that I am DEFINITELY going to Daishocon this year and I added Nakamacon. It's a convention here in town. May 27th-31st. Five days long. I will only be making it for four days since Emily's graduation is on the 27th and I would not miss that for the WORLD. But I registered for the other four days. But here's the cool part. Artist Registration is cheaper than Attendee Registration. No joke! $20 for the WHOLE FIVE DAYS. And get this, if you can't make it for the whole five days (like me) then no matter what once you have registered for the AA, your table is LOCKED for you. No penalty for showing up late, no risk of forfeitting your table if you can't show up right away. The guy who was running the actual convention, his name was Eric, was there. He explained to us how he hates seeing artists, the people who work the hardest, get the worst deal. So he's running an artist friendly convention! This con is IN MADISON which means that aside from a little gas and the twenty bucks to sign up there is nothing but profit for me at this con! The Twins registered for tables too and Dizzy is going to come down as well!! THIS IS GONNA BE SO AWESOME.

So now I'm home and SO TIRED. I just want to sleep.... I probably have homework but.... it can wait.

Thought 1: Man, I'm tired. Twins and Dizzy! Lemme know if I forgot anything!!
Thought 2: I miss my lady.
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