Megzie the Invincible (megoomba) wrote,
Megzie the Invincible

Fucking GEM of a pug.... augh....

Oh.... my god...

Okay so... ever since the mew LFG system came out I have been LOVING doing random heroics. Love, love, love, love, love. My main is a prot/holy paladin and the longest I've ever waited in the queue was about 15 seconds. Love it. Love it. Love it


I had my first truly dismal experience with a PuG group this evening...

So... I know I'm not the best tankadin/healadin in the world. But I've never once gotten vote kicked, bailed on a dungeon because I didn't like it (I actually had fun with Oculus for the first time), or dropped a group because they weren't good/fast/whatever enough. In my opinion, if you're trying your hardest and are sincere and show that you have at least a little knowledge of how your class/spec works, then I'll wipe with you until the cows come home for you to get it right. Never once have I dropped a group for being bad at the game.... until now.

So, I'm doing randoms to get badges for PvP gear right? And I get grabbed to heal for Nexus. No big deal, right? I'm actually kinda stoked that I get to heal. Usually I'm tanking. But anyway. Get in and see that they're up to the first boss. I ask if their healer bailed on them and they said "Yeah and he called us names too!" Aww. Poor guys! I look at their gearscores. Not bad. Not fantastic, but not bad. I'm not really big on GS, just check to know where I stand and such. Anyway. Buffs go up, put beacon on the DK who was MARKED as the tank and they go in. Before I could EVEN GET A HEAL OFF... tank and one of the dps dies. I do my best to keep the the remaining two and myself alive, but boss comes for me and we wipe.

Oooookay. I must have done something wrong. Oh well. Healing IS my offspec and no one seems like the kind of jerks who drop group after one wipe. No biggie. I'll be more prepared this time... but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. Run back in and rebuff. That's when I notice that the paladin marked as DPS is in tanking gear. I ask "Is DK tanking?" And they say "LOLOLOLOL NO PALADIN IS LOLOL" Oooookay. Do you think you guys could have told me you switched up roles before we went in? But again, no biggie. They probably just forgot. So I put beacon on the PALLY and we go back in.

Run in, I start throwing heals up and... wait why is the boss going after the rogue? Rogue is dead. The pally tank was attacking the ADDS and leaving the boss to run free! I scream at him to grab the boss. He does... but not before all but him and me die. Then... he bubbles. BUBBLES. Drops aggro... boss comes for me. Wipe again.

Frankly, THIS is when I should have dropped group. But I yell at him that pally!bubble drops aggro and he says "LOLOLOL SORRY never tanked before!!" *facepalm* Okay so I explain about pally bubbles as we're buffing. I mark the boss and tell everyone o ATTACK THE BIG GUY WITH THE SKULL ON HIS HEAD.

... then... marks start appearing over our heads.... including the skull. Pally says "LOLOL LOOK YOU HAVE A SKULL ON YOUR HEAD." Now my patience is wearing thin. I remark and tell them to focus. But as I'm checking the tankadin's buffs and halfway through telling him he needs righteous fury on, he runs in. Of course, everyone and their mother pulls aggro off him. Wipe again. I yell at him he NEEDS RIGHTEOUS FUCKING FURY TO TANK and he says "LOL whats that for?"... and that's when I dropped group.

Now I understand why the first healer bailed on them... at least I didn't call them names...

Looking back on it, part of me thinks I should have been more patient with these guys and tried to explain pally tanking to this new guy... but the other part of me says "WHY DID YOU STAY WITH THOSE NOOBS FOR SO LONG??" It was clear they had no focus and weren't taking this seriously. Not that the game has to be srs bsns all the time, but please have SOME focus!

x-posted to wow_ladies... someone hold me....
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