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Long Live The King!

Here is the photo post for Elrond I promised. These were the only ones I could find of him, though I'm sure more will pop up in the future.



I got Elrond from the local humane society on Halloween night 1997. He was always a big guy, even at three months old he was nearly the size of a full grown cat. My dad has a tradition of naming cats after characters from Lord of the Rigs, so he gave me a list of names and personalities to choose from if I wanted to. I liked the idea of the theme, so I went with it. El had huge ears when he was a baby, so I gave him the name of the king of elves, Elrond Halfelvin of Rivendell.


From then on he was my buddy. He was my pal. He was part of my soul. I loved him as much as I loved any human companion I had.


He was the sweetes of cats, always. Loved to be held and sit in laps. He was the ultimate lap cat. If there was a lap near by, he would want to sit in it. Even if the owner of said lap didn't appreciate it. This photo is blurry, but it's one of my favourites of him. (That's Corinne's lap BTW)


He continued to be a big guy, even in adulthood. At his biggest, he tipped the scale at 23.25lbs. I would always swell with pride when I told people about my beast of a cat and his massive girth. But his weight eventually got he better of him, and in 2006 he was diagnosed with diabetes.


But we managed. Two shots of insulin a day, every day. It was a large task, but we were willing to take it on.


He was a great friend and a greater nurse. I've struggled with health problems, depressions and sinus troubles ever since I was little and Elrond has always been there to help me through it. Here he is one night in 2007 when I had the stomach flu. He sat on my lap the whole time, purring and cuddling me until I could get human help


He had a lover's face. He was always making eyes at the ladies and they always swooned over him. A gentlemen cat, as one author would have called him. A Leo to the fullest extent of the sign. Proud, regal and noble. And not shy about letting his humans shower him with love.


He was round. Very round. Laura nicknamed him "El-round" once and it stuck like glue.


He liked sleeping. It was his favourite pastime. Sleeping and being petted. Preferably at the same time.


On January 2nd he got sick and had to go to the emergency vet. We thought it was just a hydration issue. He was always such a drama queen. Every so often he would get dehydrated and not want to eat. So we'd take him to the vet and give him fluids and he'd go home just fine. We thought it was just another trip. But it wasn't.


But I was with him until the end. I visited him every day twice a day. But it soon became clear that there was very little we could do for him. He had already had a surgery, but his body was just on it's way out. It was his time. And when it came time to make the call, I was there holding his paw and petting him. Telling him everything was going to be okay, that he was going somewhere where there was no pain or fear and I promised him that someday I would see him again.

I'm sad, but in some ways I'm relieved. Relieved that he has nothing to fear anymore. That he's somewhere where there is no pain or suffering. Cat heaven. If there is one, and I know there is, he'll be there. I always thought he would go out with a bang. That he would just keep going until the end and one day would just drop dead. Which is... kind of what he did. Hell, this fall he was still catching little critters in the backyard! Not bad aof r an old, fat, toothless, clawless, diabetic cat. Now he's up in te big litter box in the sky bragging about how good he had it to all the other kitty angels.

He may have passed on now, but he'll never be gone. As long as people remember him, and as long as I have him in my heart he'll never be truly gone. I think of the pain I'm feeling at his passing... and compared to the wonderful joy he brought me in his life, this pain pales in comparison to that happiness.

He helped me get through so much in this life. And even in the end he helped me overcome one thing more. My biggest fear was losing Elrond. But when the time came to make the decision. I was sad, yes. But... I wasn't scared anymore. I wasn't scared of loss. And I'm not anymore.

He also helped me get over another one of my fears; my fear of death. I am no longer afraid to die. Because I know whenever my time comes, that I will have an organge furry fluffball to greet me at the pearly gates.

Elrond, King of Cats
August 3rd 1997- January 7th 2010

Hope fades
Into the world of night
Through shadows calling
Out of memory and time
Sleep now
We have come now to the end
White shores are calling
You and I will meet again

And you'll be here in my arms
Just sleeping..

What can you see?
On the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea
A pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home

All will turn
To silver glass
The light on the water
Grey ships pass
Into the west...

Long live the king!
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