Megzie the Invincible (megoomba) wrote,
Megzie the Invincible

Dishwashing elves.

So... the strangest thing happened just now.

I was sitting her doing my dailies, right? When sudeenly the door to Cris' appartment open and in march three little elves. I'm not accustomed to seeing marching elves at 1am, so I asked them what they were doing here. They very politely explained that a little blue jay had told them how sad she was that she coudln't make a certain person's luck better and she felt bad because she felt as though she had failed. The elves, being helper elves offered to help in a way they could. This was, as I was just beginning to observe, by washing the dishes. Apparently these were dishwashing elves.

I shrugged and went back to my dailies...
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