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C'mon angel don't you cry

Okay so. Here is my official concert report. Beware of a lot of fanbrat squealing because... gosh darn it I don't care if people think I'm stupiud. I had a great time and I AM GOING TO SPLEE ABOUT IT. I would rather be regarded as a dumb fanbrat than as a bandom snob so... YEAH.

Okay so, before I start, let me do some explaining. This was my first real rock concert. Those of you who read by big mushy MCR post the other day knows how excited I was for this, but that didn't change the fact that I really didn't know what to expect. I had read countless concert reports talking about being in the mosh pit and being close to [insert name of band member here] so I decided THAT was where I wanted to be. I thought it might be a bit crowded and I might get pushed some, but again, had no idea what to expect. I had checked out the layout of the Congress Theatre and it looked like it was split into two parts: the pit and the balcony. I figured the twins wouldn't be up for braving the pit, so the plan was they would go for the nice comfy balcony seats while Cris and I braved the pit. No one ever said I was smart.

SO. On Wednesday we drove three hours, got lost in Chicago multiple times and had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep at night but we made it.

We got up bright and early on Thursday morning to get in line. We had to be there early because I, like the idiot that I am wanted to be in the mosh pit. Stupid Megzie is stupid. But we were prepared! We brought canvas chairs and umbrellas in case it rained. Well, it didn't rain, but the sun was blaring down on us so the umbrellas ended up coming in handy anyway. So, eight hours of waiting, which actually went pretty fast. It didn't seem like eight hours.

As it came time to go in, the nicely formed Disneyland-esque line that the people had formed started turning to chaos. As they started letting us into the theatre, people jumped the rope and cut in line which was major boo-urns. But the security people made them get back in line, which was good because we were near the front.

As we got into the building there was another mad rush to get into the actual theater. The twins headed for the balcony (because they were smart) while we went for the pit. Again, stupid Megzie is stupid. In the hallway we were very squashed as people kept rushing into closed doors. Cris was very uncomfortable and so was I to be honest. But hey, it's all good~! This was just the hallway! It couldnt possibly be as crowded when we actually got in there right? Right? WRONG.

When the doors to the actual theatre actually opened, there was another mad rush for the stage. Some girl actually tripped me and I fell on my side. But I got up quick enough and rushed to the front. That's when the real crushing began.

We were about three or four people from the front and we were JAM PACKED. Like... shoulder to shoulder PACKED IN THERE. And we kept getting pushed around. You really had to try and hold your ground to stay where you were. It was too hot and really uncomfortable and I didn't like it. There was one guy though who was pretty funny. He kept saying things like "THIS IS THE HANNAH MONTANA CONCERT, RIGHT?? 8DDD I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL LOL" But yeah. Still hot and crowded and uncomfortable and I was not happy. Cris sustained a few injuries from it. She got elbowed in the face and jammed in the side because someone had an umbrella in the pit.

We lasted through Dave Costa's performance, but halfway through Drive-By, I decided I'd had quite enough of the pit. I told Cris I needed to get out and surprisingly, people let us out pretty fast. After we got further back, not only was it infinitely more comfortable, but we could actually SEE BETTER. Imagine that.

So, anyways. Dave Costa was pretty... meh. Too much rap, not enough music. Drive-By was pretty cool I had to say. And Billy Talent was REALLY REALLY AWESOME. I must get their CD because they fucking ROCKED.

Let me just say that I am glad we got out of the pit when we did. I thought it was would when we were in there but during Billy Talent it started to get REALLY CRAZY. We saw it tumbling back and forth and people falling all over each other. So glad we weren't in there for that.

Now, one thing I think I learned at this concert was about PACING yourself. While the opening acts were going on I was rocking out and everyone else was just kind of... standing there. I was thinking "Hey! C'mon guys! These guys are good! Rock out some!!" But they all just stood there. Now I know why. They were saving their energy.

Anyways. Cris and I sat down and waited for MCR to come on. I was kinda tired already, but I was also totally PUMPED. My heroes were going to be on that stage and they were going to sing for me. Every time I heard someone scream I jumped up because I thought they were coming on stage. But no. It was still just the crew. After what seemed like MONTHS of waiting, the lights finally dimmed and the five people who saved my life filed on stage. I felt my heart stop for a second, then start racing. I jumped up and rocked out and sang/screamed along the whole time. I forgot exactly how the set list went, but between songs Gerard would say something. This concert made me realize just how much I love and admire him. He's such an amazing person... GUH. Mikey was wearing his Mikey Fuckin Way shirt too. I was amused. Ray's fro was SO AWESOME. It just like... WENT FUCKING EVERYWHERE. It was great. Of course, Bob and Frankie were awesome too. I was really happy that Frankie was there because I know he's skipped a few shows and he's Cris' favourite. So yeah. Glad he was there.

So yeah. First song they played was How I Disappear. Then I think it was The Sharpest Lives after that. After that Gerard yelled "ARE YOU ALL READY TO DIE? ARE YOU ALL READY TO DIE?" and they played Dead! which made me happy. It was about then that I looked at all the people in front of me, above me and in back of me and a thought came to me. These people, no matter who they were all had something in common with me. They all loved MCR. They all had been touched by their music in some way just like I had and had all come here, some from long distances and some from short to hear these five beautiful people play their hearts out. It was... kind of moving to experience that kind of communitas. It was awesome.

After that Gerard said something like "This is the last time we're going on tour for a long time. We're going to go back and write a whole new album full of terrible songs because you guys seem to like that sort of thing." And the crowd screamed!! See. This is why I love Gerard so much. Then he said "So I want you all to help me sing this song..." As soon as the first few piano notes played, I knew what it was. The song that I'd heard on September 9th 2007 and a song that gave me so much strength when I had felt so lost and alone. Welcome to the Black Parade. We'll carry on, we'll carry on. I sang the entire way through and was crying at the end. I don't care if it makes me a dumb fanbrat to say, but that song really did change my life. But it wasn't quite the one that saved my life. That one I was hoping would come later.

After that, they played one of the songs that I'd been hoping they'd be playing that evening. It was one of the B-sides to The Black Parade, but it's probably on of my favourite songs by them. My Way Home is Through You. It's an amazing song because it's ABOUT the fans. It's ABOUT me! It made me so happy that they played it. They actually played a lot of B-sides. They played My Way Home is Through You, Heaven Help Us and Kill All Your Friends.

I forgot exaclty when in the setlist they played it, but as soon as I heard Gerard sing the first line, I knew what it would be. I knew it would be the song that had me in tears the first time I heard it. The song that showed me the strength to keep on living, sung by the voice that sang to me in the darkest hours of the coldest months of the year. The song that saved my life. Famous Last Word. I almost started crying as they started playing. All those memories of feeling strengthened and empowered by that song came back to me. That and the energy from the crowd and the band and just.. GAH!! Everything. I jumped up and down, screamed the lyircs, and by the end of the song I was sobbing. Cris was crying too. I dont know how many dry eyes there were, but I'm sure there weren't many. That alone, will forever be one of the most amazing experiences of my life

They played I Don't Love You. After that Gerard said something like "We're going to play you an old song... right now" and the crowd just SCREAMED. They played Headfirst for Halos. Bullets songs FTMFW.

They played I Never Told You What I Do For A Living and Hang 'Em High. Then they played Cancer. After that, they made it seem like they were done playing, but they weren't. I knew they wouldn't stop until they played their first big hit.

The filed back on stage and played the first few lines of Destroy All Vampires. Again, Bullets songs for the fucking win. Then they played Mama. OH MY GAWD. That was SO HAWT. SOOOOO HAWT. I like... came. Right there. They played I'm Not Okay which was all kinds of fun. Then Gerard said, "This is the last song we're going to play tonight! It's the last song we're going to play tomorrow, and the day after that and after that until the day we stop being a band!" And they plaaaaayed Helena!! Cris was crying during that one, but I just rocked my heart out for the five people who aare my heroes.

So in a few words, the concert that I had so looked forward too was indeed an amazing experience. Cris got me a concert shirt that had the dates on it and it's so cute!! Other highlights were:

- Gerard being super gay. Seriously. Just his like... posture and gestures just scream GAYGAYGAYGAYGAY to me. But we all know he loves Frankie Lyn-Z.
- Gerard pointing out Mikey's shirt.
- Ray's hair. 'nuff said.
- Gerard jerking the microphone off. Yeah. That's right.
- Someone trying to give Gerard their shoes. He said something like "I don't need your shoes man. I got two of them right here."
- Gerard saying "I'm too young to die!! I'm too young to die!! And far too pretty!!" I screamed along with everyone else.
- Watching people in
- Gerard. Just him being there.
- The whole THING!! GAAAH!!

Today we were exhausted and sore and Cris and I were all bruised and beaten, but god was it worth it. I would have gone again tonight if I could have. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done, and I wouldnt trade it for the world. I can't wait until they come back.
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