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Anonymous Meme

Because I'm curious as to how people really think about me.

Post an anonymous comment here to me. Say anything that you'd like to say to me, anything that's on your mind good or bad. Say it all here.


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Sep. 3rd, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC)
You've been a constant support and a constant friend for me from the day we met. You were my first real friend in High School and it took me until Sophomore year to actually really get to know you. You've been there for me in my darkest of times, in my brightest of times and in those times when nothing was going on in my life. You're a dear dear friend to me - I can't imagine life without you.

It's kind of fitting that the first time I ever said hello to you, you were dressed as Kirei, wearing a beautiful pair of angel wings. That's what you've become for me - a personal angel. You build me up, make me feel so special. Everything I'm doing in life is partially because you tell me you believe in me. You've been an inspiration, a source of power, a sister of my soul. And you forever will be.

I love spending time with you, especially if all we're doing is sitting around your room talking and geeking out about whatever fandom or just sitting like a row of giggling lumps on the sofa watching anime/television/Avatar/movies. I can be myself around you like I never was able to be around even my closest friends in the past - around even either one of my parents. You allow that for me and accept me for who I am. I've shown you my darkest side, and you still like me. I've never felt quite so free to be me until I met you. I lived multiple lives. One with my mom, one with my dad and one with my friends. Because of you, I was able to find myself - that perfect balance that just felt right. It was illuminating and freeing, a feeling that I never felt until you came along after fifteen years of feeling trapped.

I attribute the fact that I was able to make other friends to you. I never would have even talked to Emily if you hadn't freed me up inside and broken down all the walls I'd raised through the years (and given me something new to geek about). And if I had never met Emily, I never would have met Laura. It's all because of you. A beautiful chain of events and you're the first link.

I've missed you lately, felt very distant from you. It's my fault really. You've had a lot of drastic changes come into your life, changes that I'm very happy for you for, but I've had a hard time keeping up. I love you very much, though, and no matter what, I always will. And I want you to know that I'm always going to be right beside you. I want to be the sort of friend for you that you've always been for me. I've always felt like I've fallen short.

And you're mom is totally my second mother (Gail, who?). You can tell her that, too. I love your mom. She's supported me when my own father didn't. I broke down at your house that one night and your mom was the one to notice I was feeling depressed. She was the one to tell me it was going to be okay. And then you came in and reinforced it. You both saw through my mask and you helped me so much that night. I'll never forget the words you both said to me that night. So, yeah, I love your whole family.

I love you Megzie, you're a great friend and a great person. And I just want to thank you for giving me life. It's like I woke up from a fifteen year sleep when I met you. You've brightened my whole world.

Thank you.
Sep. 3rd, 2007 05:01 pm (UTC)
I don't like these anonymous things because I feel if you have to say something, you can say it with a name to your comment, especially if its worth saying in the first place.

And if I have something to say, then I will say it.
Sep. 3rd, 2007 09:16 pm (UTC)
i think you are too awesome. i wish you posted more of your artwork
Sep. 5th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
Though we never had the chance of meeting or having a talk, I want you to know that I admire your skills and your free spirit.
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