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Bookmarks anyone?

(x-posted from my dA journal)

I job, that is. Yeah. I threw in the towel. I just couldn't take it anymore. For those of who who didn't know, I was a telemarketer of sorts. Guh. It was horrible. I know I did a fair amount of complaining about my food service and retail jobs, but they were nothing compared to being an Inside Sales Representative. Getting up at 5am to beat traffic, then spending eight-ten hours a day on the phones, being yelled at and hung up on by rude people who couldn't even take the time to realize that I wasn't trying to sell them anything. It was exhausting, physically and emotionally. I just couldn't do it. You will not know human cruelty until you have worked as a telemarketer

Soooo I quit.

I thought about looking for another job while I'm out here but decided against it in the end. Why? Because I've only got a few more weeks to spend with Cris before I have to go home for the fall semester. I'd rather spend the little time I have left out here with Cris than trapped in a cubicle all day.

I'm okay as far as money goes. I have enough to last me the rest of the summer, but if you'd like to donate to help me out, that would be nice xD But here's the cool part. For every $5 you donate, I'll send you a bookmark! Here are the designs I currently have available. Just give me your address and specify the number of which design(s) you'd like in the payment info and I'll send one to you!

Thanks so much in advance, guys!! Much love!
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