September 21st, 2007

[AtLA] Aang


So, yah.

I guess my hiatus is kind of over. Oh well. I didn't expect t to last that long anyways. Hm. So I'm back, and here to give you the official AVATAR SEASON THREE REVIEW. WHOOWOO.

Before I get to that; fun things about today surrounding The Avatar Season Three premiere:

- Getting to be there, Damn.
- Putting my hair in hair loopie-doos~ Wheee~ I are Shui 8B
- Reading the Avatar Magazine with the twins. I WANNA ASK AZULA SOMETHING.
- Twins and I made an Avatar cake. FUCK YES WE DID. AND CUPCAKES MOTHERFUCKER. We took pictures. I'm so proud of us!! For people who've never really baked before, we did good, damnit. WE'RE CAKEBENDERS.
- Putting the icing on said cake and cupcakes. We decided to put the insignia's of the four nations on the cake with frosting. They turned out... amazing okay. The real fun happened when we decided to put icing on the cupcakes. We did the math, and we had 24 cupcakes, which meant six cupcakes for each of the four elements. However. We ran out blue really fast, so we had to improvise. We ended up with six Fire Nation cupcakes, six Earth Kingdom cupcakes, four Air Nomad cupcakes, four Water Tribe capcapkes and four randoms ones. We had one that had a black sun on it (day of black sun, durrhurr), one with the word "Iroh" on it (becuase it's only four letters long and... it's Iroh. 'nuff said), an Aang head, and something that could either be Sokka's boomerang or... a banana. You decide. I'll have pictures later.
- Feeding three obsessions at once. We were making the Avatar cake, talking about Avatar, I was playing WoW and we were listening to My Chemical Romance. Megzie is a happy Megzie. And I has a Blood Elf now. But only for ten days, Sad face. Does anyone know how to crack Burning Crusade? HALP!
- Assigning ships so we could beat each other up when hey didn't happen ala this comic. I was Zutara, Corinne was Kataang and Larissa couldn't decided, so she got saddled with Maiko. I did the most beating up. Damnit. Until we got to The Bending Battle. WHOO HOO.
- While we were siting watching SpoungBob (Eww.) and waiting for Avatar to start, we heard something (I tpyed "domsrhing" the first time I tried to type "something" o___O) in the kitchen. I rushed in to find my cat, Elrond had attacked the cupcakes. He'd managed to take out two Fire nation cupcakes, which inspired a slew of "Elrond did you get in trouble with the Fire Nation again?" Like the old lady in that one episode in season one. I had to wash the frosting off of Elrond in the sink. It was pretty amusing.
- The two seconds before the show actually started when we were hyperventilating we were so excited. "I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING."
- Saying the intro along with the TV and knowing that thousands of other Avatards were doing the exact same thing. It's a great community.
- Calling Emily and Cris and fangirling to them during the commercial breaks. It was a cross country event. Excitinging~ Emily and I had a good squee over everything we could fit into four minutes of senseless fangirlish babble before the show came back on and we had to hastily hang up on each other. I wish the two of them could have been here to celebrate Avatar day with us, but THEY WERE HERE IN SPIRIT!! And they'll be here for ehte finale hopefully, so we'll throw A HUUUUUGE Avatar Party then!!

Okay. So. My actual review of the episode~

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Gaaaaah~ Is so happy!! Here are the photos I promised.

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Needless to say, I am a very very very very happy Megzie right now. It's been one hell of a month, but I've had more then enough fun tonight to make up for all the angst and drama.


I remember back in high school when the twins mentioned something about a show called Avatar. I watched the first few episodes and thought ti was pretty cool, but it wasn't until last summer that I really got into it. Who knew that I would be so totally and utterly obsessed with it now that it has engulfed my LIFE!! BAH I LOVE AVATAR. IT IS A FUNNY SHOOOW~

Now, off to bed with me. I have to get up very very very very early tomorrow. Blah. Oh well, I'm happy to have to get up early if it means I got to have my Aavatar Day!

FOR THE WATER TRIBE!!! *slinks out~*
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